frequently asked questions


How long have you been a wedding photography, and how many weddings have you shot?
I have been shooting weddings since 2009 when I started interning in college. Since then I have shot more then 50+ weddings, I think it’s safe to say: I’ve seen it all! However, there are still a few types of weddings on my “wish list”that I would love to shoot!  

How long does it take to get my images? How many do I get?
The turn-around time to receive your wedding photographs is 4-6 weeks. Depending on the amount of coverage time contracted (and a few other variables) the client receives a range of 500-1000  finale images.

What is your delivery process? Do I get the rights to all my images?kat-contax-film-camera-kodak-bouquet-1
All images are uploaded into an online gallery for viewing, printing, and sharing with family and friends. I as the artist maintain the rights to all of my images, however, I do grant all brides and grooms shared personal rights which allow you to print and upload your wedding day photos to any of your social media sites that you belong to. The client also received a personal download of all the images.

What kind of edits do you make to your photos?
Because I shoot in Camera RAW, all of the edits made to my images need to be edited. Shooting in “raw’ allows me to capture all of the information in an image and basically functions like a negative. It was designed to act as a file that holds more information to then later be “clipped” and altered to create your achieved look and desires in each photo taken. All of my edits are carefully color corrected and small applications to distracting elements and sometimes blemishes are applied. 

Do you have a 2nd shooter and or bring an assistant?
I have shot weddings with and without second shooter/ assistant coverage. I believe that having a second shooter you are allowing me to be “in two places at once” and getting more coverage and various vantage points. I often shoot with people who I have worked with often and find someone that has a similar “eye”. Ideally, going forward I aiming to consistent second shooters who I have trained myself to act as if they were creating each image with my look, and taste in mind. Teaching them how to shoot with my specific formulas and then later editing their images myself will ultimately give all of my clients that perfectly executed wedding day gallery with an album created like a story book. 

Do you offer payment plans? And when is the final payment due?
To save your date with me, I require a non-refundable retainer fee of $895, with your signed copy of your contract. All other items, such as albums, prints and additional time, etc can be added on later on. As stated in your contract, your final payment is due one month before your wedding date. Payments of smaller increments can be made at any time through my online payment system, or via check.

I don’t necessarily need an engagement session, will that discount some of the cost off my total price?

Because I find the value of having an e-session so important I offer these sessions as a complementary service to all of my brides and grooms. These sessions not only give us both time to get some practice in before the big day, most of my clients have not had the privilege to be professionally photographed, which are great to have for your announcements, and save-the-dates, as well as portraits to give to friends and family and hang around the home.

clara&dave-rockport-esession-212After looking at your styling and poses, I’m worried that I won’t look as natural as the couples you have photographed. What is your technique for posing, and how involved are you during engagements sessions and formal bridal portraits?
With every couple my approach is slightly different. While maintaining the goal in mind to keep every moment fluid and everlasting past the click of my shutter, I aim to keep my work timeless, candid, and organgic. Most of my couples fall in love with the “rawness” of my imagery and love the honesty and truthfulness in each. By infusing the idea of suggestive posing and capturing the “in-between” moments, I work off your energy. If I feel you need more direction, I’ll offer up more of my ideas and direction, but in most cases it is all a very easy process of light instruction with interpretations of you as the client. No two clients have are usually the same.

What is a hybrid photographer?
In the end of 2015 and for my 2016 wedding season, I will be acting as a hybrid photographer and transitioning into my delivery process to be more of the fine arts aspect of a wedding day and begin to switch into a more film based photographer. A hybrid photographer means that I shoot film and digital simultaneously, and switch back and forth to create a beautiful collection of images

What does it mean to be a natural light photographer? Does that mean you don’t use flash?
Most of my favorite work is captured right before sunset when the light is just right! Ahhhh, ‘magic-hour’ is the best! I am constantly searching for beautiful light and compositionally composing gorgeous areas for my couples to be placed in. With this being said, as soon as it gets dark and the reception starts, I set up OCF (off-camera flash) and create a look that compliments my natural light look. this allows my work to have a well lit, ambient feel and creates depth.

clara&dave-rockport-esession-161What kind of equipment do you use, and do you have an equipment failure backup plan?
I started photography with one of my grandfathers first 35mm analog cameras. I don’t plan to switch any time in the near future because all of my gear has consistent with Nikon it just wouldn’t make sense to switch. I have multiple cameras with me when shooting your wedding to ensure that if there is an error with one of my cameras or lenses that I have a backup if necessary.

I want you ! How do I reserve my wedding date with you?
You can get in touch with me via email about availability and/or fill out my contact form to inquire about your 2015-2016 wedding. From there I will be sending over my contract and more information, along with a more detailed pricing guide.