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Hi, I’m Jess! I grew up in Beverly, MA. I went to a Montserrat, a teeny tiny local college right down the street from my childhood home. I graduated with my bachelors in fine arts – concentration in photography.

In elementary school, I was diagnosed with Dyslexia which can sometimes be a curse and a blessing. Because of my language-baised learning disability (aka:LBLD), I stink at spelling and multiplication. However, because my brain functions and processes in a different way, I have the advantage of thinking creatively and outside the box. I grew an interest in art as a child and my passion for photography throughout my final years of highschool. From the first time I looked through a viewfinder, I fell in love.

My love for love and wedding photography started like many other photographers I have met over the years. I started interning with a Massachusettes photographer and continued on well past my internship was over working with her as her prime second shooter. Over the years, my love and passion for weddings just grew stronger. I enjoy capturing the in between moments and catching a glimpse into peoples’ lives. Experiencing one of the most intimate and emotional days of a couple’s relationship and witnessing crossing the threshold into the new stage of life is so inspirational and touching.





Lets meet up! With the world spinning so fast, lets slow down and get together to chit chat. We could grab a mocha chai charger at Atomic Café or a chilly cold brew on Cabot street. Either way, some thing’s are meant to be fought off, for as they can and lets fight technology and this social media world that we live in. I’d love to hear about your first date, when you fell in love, and about your wedding plans – all while flipping through some of my work.


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Glitter, Baubles, Ribbon, Burlap, Floral (shabby shic), Clothes pins, Newspaper, White washed wood, Old signs, Distressed stuff, Exposed brick, Victorian decor, Gold and blush, Ostrige feathers, Tiny tins, Small containers, Circus stuff, Teacups, Barefoot tubs, Maps, Lace, bangles, Messy hair, Twigs with berries, Chaise lounge chairs, Abstract and expressionism art, Vintage bathing suits /looks and hair, Skelton keys, Mason jars, Paper straws, Chunky funky glasses, Bowties, Sperry’s, big statement necklaces